Paskal Millet


From France
Lives and works in France

He does llustrations for fantastic novels and creations for tattoos. He is also the creator of BILLY BASTARD, well known character on internet. Currently works on the comic book: THE REPUBLICAN GUARD and card illustrations for MARVEL/UPPER DECK USA.

Guitarist and singer of The MONSTER KLUB since 1999, he makes many album covers and t-shirts for international groups (Meteors, Frantic Flintstones) His first comic, “MONSTERS?” is published in 2014.
Then come “UNDERGROUND ZOMBIES” He also draws for the Morning Star series for Caliber comics (USA).
A “Sketchbook” is also published by ARMADA.
He has also just participated in the revival of the French superhero: FANTAX.
His new book « PORTRAITS DE FAMILLE » will be released in May 2021

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