Dafna Barel


From Tel Aviv
Lives and works Tel Aviv

Dafna is a feminist pin-up model based in Tel Aviv who creates art and content in a pin-up and vintage inspired style. She does it all – sewing, hair, makeup, photography and video. Dafna has been a model in the alternative scene since she was a teenager and always found it a great source of self-expression and inspiration. She loves to build concept work down to the fine details and bring the visions to life.

Her latest work ‘ The pink dog project ‘ is a collaboration with photographer Ella Barak. They started this series during the pandemic and it presents a utopian atmosphere during dystopian times. The title is self-explanatory, it’s all about pink, vintage and cute dogs. The pair collaborate on every aspect from design to sewing outfits and shoot it all on an analogue camera.

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